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Most Playing P2E Games on Polygon Network

In-game items are embedded in blockchains as NFT with GameFi technology. This technology has made a dream come true: making money playing games. Thanks to blockchain games, you can earn cryptocurrencies and convert them into real world money and make a living. In these games usually all assets, weapons, characters, [...]

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DeFi Platforms with the Highest TVL

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Total locked value is an indicator that represents the total value of assets staked in a protocol. DeFi platforms refer to their TVL as a reference point. This particular application offered by DeFi platforms shows the reliability of the platform in a way. Used to measure the yield and overall health of the DeFi market, this value is one of the best metrics for the DeFi market. In this content, we’ll take a look at the DeFi platforms with the highest TVL.


Aave is a lending protocol that allows users to lend or borrow crypto assets in a decentralized manner. Users deposit cryptocurrencies in their wallets into liquidity pools. Lenders earn interest while borrowers pay interest.

Originally established on the Ethereum blockchain, Aave currently also provides services on the Avalanche, Fantom, Harmony and Polygon blockchains. The protocol itself uses DAO. The native token of the platform is $AAVE. Owners of AAVE tokens can manage and operate the platform by voting with their tokens. Aave has a TVL of $10.17B.

Oasis App

Oasis is a decentralized platform with savings, trading and loan services. A Web3 wallet is required to transact on Oasis, the one-stop shop for creating and exchanging the market’s first decentralized stablecoin Dai. The Oasis Borrow product is where users can generate DAI by locking collateral assets. This product currently supports Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ethereum (ETH), and 0x Protocol (ZRX) tokens as collateral.

Oasis Save, on the other hand, allows earning annual interest by locking DAI through smart contracts. You can easily lock Dai by entering the amount of Dai you want to lock and pressing deposit.

Oasis Trade allows you to quickly get BAT, REP, wETH, ZRX and USDC in exchange for DAI. The Oasis App has a TVL of $9.92B.


Lido is a decentralized platform that provides staking services on the Ethereum network. Normally you need to have a minimum of 32 ETH (approximately $63k) to stake Ethereum, while Lido removes this requirement. Reducing entry barriers to monetize your crypto assets, Lido also offers Liquid Staking service in addition to Ethereum staking. For every ETH you stake on Lido, you get the same amount of stETH.

Thanks to Lido, Ethereum has become a more decentralized and inclusive ecosystem. You can use Lido with any hot wallet or cold hardware wallet. Lido has a TVL of $8.28B.


Curve is a decentralized DeFi platform that runs an automated market creation service using stablecoins. Installed on the Ethereum network, Curve has facilitated trading using cryptocurrency pools. Users who provide collateral to the pools earn crypto rewards in return. On Curve, users can earn profits by selling their assets according to the best conditions in the market.

Curve works not with highly volatile and low market cap cryptos, but stablecoins like DAI, USDT, and cryptos like wBTC and renBTC, built to track Bitcoin price. Curve’s TVL is $6.48B.

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