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Most Playing P2E Games on Polygon Network

In-game items are embedded in blockchains as NFT with GameFi technology. This technology has made a dream come true: making money playing games. Thanks to blockchain games, you can earn cryptocurrencies and convert them into real world money and make a living. In these games usually all assets, weapons, characters, [...]

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Top GameFi Projects Not Listed on Binance

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GameFi has created a world where you can earn money by playing gamesGameFi technology, which gives the ownership of all the clothes, characters, weapons, assets, that is, all the items in the game to the users, allows to earn money from these items. Web3’s hot industry GameFi is a combination of the words game and finance. Expressing blockchain games that offer economic incentives to everyone, GameFi allows players to earn cryptocurrency by fighting other players, completing missions or progressing through various game levels. Players can earn not only crypto, but also NFTs like avatars, virtual terrains, in-game items and more.

Play to earn games, unlike traditional games, made it possible to earn income through the virtual world. In this content, we will look at GameFi tokens that are not yet listed by Binance, the world’s most used cryptocurrency exchange.


BORA is a dApp platform that promotes user interaction, distributes digital content and games with dual blockchain structure and proprietary NFT mechanism. BORA, which ensures the transparent and secure distribution of content and protects the value of digital assets in the network, was designed using a modular architecture. In this way, each service in the ecosystem can operate independently without affecting other services.

Within the platform, accounts, user identities and assets work in integration with each other. The BORA ecosystem has the scalability and performance to handle content service activities seamlessly.

Render Token (RNDR)

Render Network is a peer-to-peer GPU marketplace that allows users to either buy computing power for their 3D rendering projects or rent their excess computing power to others. Especially GameFi and metaverse projects need high GPU power to help render motion graphics and visual effects. Thanks to Render Network, everyone can share their unused GPU power with others and support their projects. Sharers receive RNDR token rewards in return.

Businesses and individual users use Render p2p network to efficiently leverage the computing power they don’t need. Creating visual effects and 3D environments is greatly simplified by Render.

Radio Caca (RACA)

Radio Caca is one of the most exciting metaverse projects. An ecosystem that includes the Metaverse, NFT, and more, Radio Caca is a relatively new decentralized enterprise. As a Web3 infrastructure solution provider in general, the startup has the vision to build the virtual world of the future. Radio Caca is managed decentralized by RACA token holders. Covering almost every area of ​​the crypto industry, this project works on many blockchains.

Radio Caca created a 3D metaverse called United States of Mars last year. The RACA token is used by metaverse users to trade rare resources, lands and other NFTs. $RACA is also used to build things in the Metaverse, earn rare resources, and buy extra land.

XYO Network (XYO)

XYO Network uses a decentralized sensor ecosystem with oracles. XYO, which can transmit data between Oracles and networks, is one of the most promising GameFi projects on the market. XYO Network has made it simple to provide absolute and verifiable location data accuracy and enable smartphones to take advantage of this technology. Developers can integrate this system to develop their own projects.

XYO Network provides applications, businesses and companies an efficient way to monitor supply chains and other vital location-related data. XYO’s mobile app gives users the opportunity to earn money by sharing location information decentralized.

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