today9 Haziran 2022

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Most Playing P2E Games on Polygon Network

In-game items are embedded in blockchains as NFT with GameFi technology. This technology has made a dream come true: making money playing games. Thanks to blockchain games, you can earn cryptocurrencies and convert them into real world money and make a living. In these games usually all assets, weapons, characters, [...]

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today20 Mayıs 2022

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Top GameFi Projects Not Listed on Binance

GameFi has created a world where you can earn money by playing games. GameFi technology, which gives the ownership of all the clothes, characters, weapons, assets, that is, all the items in the game to the users, allows to earn money from these items. Web3’s hot industry GameFi is a combination of [...]

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today9 Mayıs 2022

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Son Dönemin En Popüler IoT Coinleri

Son senelerin en önemli teknolojilerinden biri olan IoT (Nesnelerin İnterneti), blokzincirleri içinde de popüler kategorilerden biri. Tesla Bobininin temelini attığı teknolojiye dayanan bu yapı, elektrikli tüm aletlerin internete bağlanabilmesini ve ...

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